The Boutique Story

Kerry Wilson as a child, baking with her mother

Where did it all begin? Thanks to my Nan and my Mum my early memories of cooking and baking are fond ones. Helping Nan make a pie for the family and having my very own piece of pastry to roll out, made me feel very special. Sunday was my favourite day of the week as it was Mum's baking day and I would so look forward the afternoon when we were allowed to (finally) tuck into the array of tea time treats she had so lovingly made.

It wasn’t until more recent times that my enthusiasm for all things sweet merged with a new found creative streak and I began designing & making cupcakes and birthday cakes for friends and family. With the support and encouragement of those people (you know who you are) my hobby began to grow into a small business, and so here I am, enjoying this very exciting time and creating lots of edible memories for lots of lovely people.

Our Cake Boutique is Fully Insured and Hygiene Certified. We have local authority inspected premises and comply with the Foods Standards Agency's Hygiene Rating Scheme.

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